Saturday, January 19, 2013

is similar to the popular website, Wordle, but takes it one step further and allows you to select pictures to type words into.  You can even upload your own picture to play with. I used Tagxedo with 3rd grade students who were studying poetry and made "Shape Poems." They are also great to brainstorm or introduce a topic and incorporate vocabulary.
has some of my favorite web 2.0 tools that I use every day at school.  The most frequent tool on this website that I use is the name picker. (pictured above) This tool allows you to list words and then puts them into a slot machine and randomly spins and selects a "winner". I use this as part of my classroom management. I have students who I "catch" working hard or doing a nice job and have them type their name into the classtools list on my computer. They know the more they get their name in, if at all, the better chance they have to win an eagle egg. (PBIS recognition award at our school.) I have also used it to call on students randomly to answer questions, or make groups/partners.

There are a handful of additional tools on as well that are super helpful. A few other ones I have used is a countdown timer that plays music, and fakebook- where you can make a fake Facebook profile page.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


is a website that allows users to create unique videos.   Users must create accounts.  There are free accounts and paid accounts. Paid accounts allow you more choices with backgrounds, characters, and allow you to create longer videos.  Free accounts allow only ten lines for typing.

I have used the site with my classes to introduce lessons and in the closure of a lesson to review what we have learned. Students in all of my K-5 classes have loved it!

I have a free account and have used the quick video templates.  You select your background, then characters, even select the voice you'd like for them (Personally, I like the British voices and the kids think they're funnier.) and type what you'd like each character to say. You can send videos, and share videos.

As with, I found myself using this site for personal use as well, because I've been so entertained by it. Enjoy!